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Shea butter production in Ghana.


Zorko Goo faces significant challenges, with low levels of education, rampant teenage pregnancy, child marriage, and limited economic opportunities for women. As someone who grew up in this community, I have witnessed the struggles faced by these women, and I am determined to make a positive impact through the Lana Foundation.


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Our Vision and Goals:

The Lagna Foundation aims to empower the community by providing industrial machinery, creating a safe working environment, eliminating middlemen, and connecting the women to local and international markets. Our specific goals include:

1. Provide industrial machinery for faster and larger-scale production.
2. Create a comfortable and safe working environment prioritizing safety.
3. Establish a stable income stream by eliminating middlemen.
4. Set up workshops to enhance the women's skills in shea butter and textile weaving.

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The Help We Need:

We are seeking support for the following:
1. A building with access to electricity (solar or grid). Estimated cost: [70,000ghana cedis].
2. Machinery (Grinding mills, weaving machines, mixing machines, industrial fridges, heating machines, etc.). Estimated cost:[Insert Amount].
3. Borehole for a reliable source of water. Estimated cost: [Insert Amount].
4. Safety equipment (PPEs). Estimated cost: [Insert Amount].
5. Assistance in connecting with reliable buyers, both local and international. Estimated cost: [Insert Amount].